Commercial Roofing Services Grand Rapids, MI

Armor Commercial Roofing provides a range of commercial roofing services to clients in Grand Rapids, MI. Our formally trained technicians are fully licensed and insured. They have several years of experience working on all types of commercial roofs. For cost-effective roofing solutions, call us today at (517) 617–6953.

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

The team at Armor Commercial Roofing helps roofs last far longer with effective roof repairs and custom roof maintenance plans. We can inspect your roof on a regular basis to locate any existing or developing roof issues. We’ll then provide permanent solutions so that your roof is kept in solid condition.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is one of our main areas of expertise. We use roof coatings to prevent premature roof replacements. We know how effective a new roof coating can be. This service will have your roof fully restored. It also can improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building, leading to years of savings on energy costs.

Roof Replacements

In some cases, a roof replacement will simply be the best option. You don’t want to keep pouring money and time into a roof that is just too beat up to be effectively repaired or restored. When you are in need of a commercial roofing company to take care of a roof replacement, Armor Commercial Roofing is the top choice. Our roofing specialists are all fully insured, licensed, and have years of experience installing new commercial roofs.

Free Estimates

There are many things to look for in a commercial roofing company. Armor Commercial Roofing  helps clients out with first-class commercial roofing services and exceptional customer support. We also keep prices low so that the people of Michigan can get excellent roofing assistance at great prices.

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If you are looking to get the best roofing help in Grand Rapids, MI, go with Armor Commercial Roofing. Our team helps clients save big on their roofs over the years through exceptional commercial roofing services. If you’d like to learn more about what our company has to offer, simply reach out to us today at (517) 617–6953. We can come by soon after to have a look at your roof.

Roof Coating – Angola, IN

Don’t let constant roofing headaches be an issue! Armor Commercial Roofing is here to help you leave your roofing troubles behind you and one way we can continue to do this for our customers throughout Angola, IN and the surrounding areas is with our outstanding roof coating and restoration services. Roof coatings are typically a service that can be completed time and time again when done by the right professionals and this means you could see decades of reliable protection from your commercial roof and investment! Let Armor Commercial Roofing work for you and allow yourself the peace of mind trusted protection can bring, call us today at (517) 617 – 6953.

An Affordable Solution

If you knew there was an affordable alternative to a roof replacement, wouldn’t you want to know about it? At Armor Commercial Roofing, we’ve worked hard to make sure all our customers know about the many advantages of our quality roof coating solutions and we’re happy to say we help the majority of our customers extend the life of their current roofs with this great roofing service! Premature roof replacements have become far too common and we’re working to reverse that. Schedule an inspection with our team today and find out what your roof needs to get the job done right!

Roof coatings and restorations are far more cost-effective than a roof replacement, but only if it makes sense to continue to invest in your existing roof. Our honest roofing professionals will let you know what our recommended plan of action is and while it is often roof repairs and restorations, if your roof has seen the end, we’ll make sure you’re not wasting money on a failing roof. Whatever your roof requires, Armor Commercial Roofing is the team you can trust to get it taken care of quickly and effectively.

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Don’t allow yourself to question the condition of your building’s roof all summer long. Those in Angola, IN can turn to the roofing professionals at Armor Commercial Roofing for honest and superior commercial roofing solutions. Maybe a roof coating is the answer you’ve been looking for! Whatever the case, we’re here to help, reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Flat Roof Repair – Angola, IN

If you’ve spent the spring searching for a reputable commercial roofing contractor in the Angola, IN area, look no further than the professional roofing technicians at Armor Commercial Roofing. We bring the experience and quality to every roof we work on and we’ll make sure you soon have a roof fit to last! We’re well versed in all types of commercial roofing systems and that includes the many different types of flat roofs. From the various single-ply options to Modified Bitumen roofs and much more, we’ll make sure whatever type of flat roof you have in need can soon be trusted in again! We can handle any repair or service your flat roof might need, just reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Custom Tailored Solutions

We’ve been in the roofing industry for a while, and we’ve seen how beneficial it is to both our customers and their roofs to deliver custom tailored roofing solutions. While all flat roofs share some of the same pros and cons, they are all unique and tend to require different solutions to help each one succeed properly. Commercial roofs were designed with longevity in mind, but they do require some professional assistance along the way to be able to provide unquestioned protection for the long haul. Don’t deal with a failing roof sooner than necessary, call Armor Commercial Roofing today and get things inspected and repaired before the storms of summer are here!

A flat roof repair doesn’t need to be a stressor, especially when you have the roofing professionals at Amor Commercial Roofing ready to get things resolved. Anytime you call on us, we’ll be out quickly after you call because we know a roof in need should be dealt with immediately to ensure any issues are kept from worsening. Keep things in shape when you have Armor Commercial Roofing working for you!

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A flat roof repair is no match for the professionals at Armor Commercial Roofing. As a full-service commercial roofing company, we’ve got all your flat roofing needs covered so you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable roof ready to keep things protected any time of year here in Angola, IN. Call our team today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Commercial Roofing Services – Middlebury, IN

Armor Commercial Roofing is here to provide building owners, property managers, and more throughout the Middlebury, IN area with the high-quality commercial roofing services they need to keep a trusted roof atop their building. With the spring season here in full swing, now is a great time to have your roof inspected so any repairs or services it may require can be completed before summer hits. We’re proud to be the team to call and our roofing professionals are equipped to handle anything your roof might need, no matter the size of your roof or complexity of the job. We’ve got you covered, reach out to our team today at (517) 617 – 6953.


One of the most valuable roofing services, a roof inspection has much to offer, especially when yours is being completed by a professional roofing contractor, which is always a guarantee when you hire Armor Commercial Roofing. Here at Armor, we’ve seen how a regularly inspected roof can provide you and your building with numerous benefits and we’re happy to offer inspection and maintenance plans that can help save you time, money, and hassle over the years!

Repair, Restoration, & Replacement

Roof repairs and restorations can be completed and help extend the life of your roof by years and at Armor Commercial Roofing, we provide outstanding roof repair solutions as well as incredible roof coating and restoration options. We know your commercial roof was intended to last for decades and that’s why we bring the quality products and workmanship that will help allow that to happen. Don’t fret a roof in need, we’ll help bring it back to life!

If repairing and restoring your building’s roof is no longer the best route to take, we offer flawless roof replacement services that will allow for a fresh start and with a new roof set up on an inspection and maintenance plan, you’ll stay stress free knowing you’re saving money and getting the most from your roof and investment!

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When you need commercial roofing services completed on your building, Armor Commercial Roofing is the full-service roofing contractor you can count on in the Middlebury, IN area. From hard-to-find leaks to restorations and replacements, our roofing professionals do it all and they’re ready to get to work for you! Call today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Commercial Roofing Companies – Middlebury, IN

When looking through commercial roofing companies that service the Middlebury, IN area, you’ll save yourself a good amount of money and hassle if you do a little research before hiring the first team you come upon. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we bring quality and experience to every roof we work on and we work to help each customer get the most from their roof and investment. When you have a roofing professional working to keep your roof in shape, you’ll be able to stay focused on your other tasks at hand while knowing you always have a trusted roof atop your building. Call our team today at (517) 617 – 6953 and make sure your roof is ready for the summer season that is upon us!

Inspections & Maintenance

Here at Armor Commercial Roofing, we’re in the business of helping you save money on your commercial roof and we work to help ensure a premature roof replacement is a statistic you’re never a part of. One way we can continue to do this for all our customers is with our inspection and maintenance plans.

These plans can be tailored to fit your requirements while ensuring your roof stays inspected on the regular. Regular roof inspections allow our roofers to get your roof the repairs and services it requires at the right times which leads to less, costly repairs down the road. This also allows your roof to stay in prime condition season after season and who wouldn’t want that!


Because we’re a full-service commercial roofing company, we’re happy to say that after we’ve inspected your roof, anything your roof may require can be handled by our professionals. No dealing with lackluster contractors you know nothing about, from start to finish, you can rest easy knowing our professionals will get your roof back in top shape in no time!

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Searching through the commercial roofing companies in Middlebury, IN? With the storms of summer right around the corner, now is a great time to have your roof inspected so you can be sure it can keep you protected all summer long. Armor Commercial Roofing is the crew you can trust with all your commercial roofing needs, reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Grand Rapids, MI

Finding a commercial roofing contractor you can count on for excellent craftsmanship, low prices, and attentive customer support is not always an easy task. Luckily, the people of Grand Rapids, MI have Armor Commercial Roofing on their side. For any sort of commercial roofing service, give our team a call today at (517) 617–6953.

Our Services

Armor Commercial Roofing provides a complete list of commercial roofing solutions. When your roof is leaking, you can hire us to inspect your roof and repair it. If it’s time to restore your roof, we offer quality roof coatings that will have your roof lasting several years longer. Finally, if a new roof is needed, we’ll give you a free quote on a roof replacement.

Phenomenal Craftsmanship

The roofers at Armor Commercial Roofing have each been carefully selected. Our roofers are all licensed, insured, and hold many years of experience in the commercial roofing industry. Over the years, we have shown consistency. All of our roofing projects are done the right way, which has helped our clients save significant amounts of time and money on their roofs.

Single-Ply Roofing

As a company that specializes in commercial roofing, we work with single-ply roofing frequently. Whether your roof is TPO, PVC, or EPDM, we have you covered with repairs, roof coatings, and replacements. We also offer customized roofing solutions!

“Green” Roofing Solutions

Our top priority is to provide our clients with long-lasting commercial roofs at excellent prices. However, we help our clients in other ways as well. We are very conscious of the fact that a roof has a major impact on the energy efficiency of a commercial building. That’s why we do our best to provide our clients with eco-friendly roofs. Whether this means installing a new, more energy-efficient roof, or applying a reflective roof coating, you can count on us to help cut down on your building’s energy costs!

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Armor Commercial Roofing is the one-stop shop for all of your commercial roofing needs! We are the top choice for those in Grand Rapids, MI who are in need of a reliable commercial roofing contractor. Give our team a call at (517) 617–6953 to learn more about what we can do to help!

Roof Inspection – Grand Rapids, MI

It’s amazing what a couple of annual roof inspections can do for the longevity of your commercial roof. For any professional roofer, they are a simple service that can allow you to stay ahead of any necessary repairs or services that your roof requires. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we have seen the benefits of being proactive with the needs of your commercial roof and they are plentiful. Anytime a problem is left to sit for any extended period of time, it can quickly cause major issues for your roof as well as for your building. Fully customizable roof maintenance programs are on our list of offerings because we work to save you money and stress on your commercial roof and these programs help to make that possible season after season. If you think your commercial building is due for a roof inspection, reach out to us at (517) 617 – 6953. We deliver complete and thorough inspections in Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas.

Thoroughness You Can Trust

When you choose to work with the expert roofers at Armor Commercial Roofing for any of your commercial roofing needs, you can be certain that every job we perform on your roof will be done with the thoroughness needed to last for years. It all starts with a thorough roof inspection to ensure your roof can get just what it needs. The industry recommendations are to have two roof inspections performed each year, typically in the spring and fall. These are the ideal times for inspections as winter and summer are usually the hardest months on your roof and having inspections in between allows any problems to be caught early on. When we come out for an inspection, no issue will go unfound. We will inspect every inch of your roof, both the interior and exterior as well as any other aspects of your roof. We work to make it so that you can always be worry free about the condition of your commercial roof, reach out to schedule an inspection or any roofing service!

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It doesn’t matter if you know it’s been too long since your last roof inspection or if you would like to schedule one with the spring quickly approaching, we will make sure your roof gets taken care of right away. At Armor Commercial Roofing, you and your roof will always come first. We’re here to help you protect your investment, so that it can continue to protect you. For service in Grand Rapids, MI, call today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Single-Ply Roofing – Middlebury, IN

At Armor Commercial Roofing, we’re proud to say we have a team of skilled and professional roofing technicians that continue to deliver only the finest craftsmanship around the Middlebury, IN area, but we also know that no matter how flawless our services are, without the right, trusted products and materials, our work will stand no chance at success. This is one reason we bring our customers the high quality single-ply roofing systems from Conklin roofing products! The incredible combination of these durable products and our skilled roofers’ craftsmanship will leave your building’s roof set up for long term success as it was intended! Get the best from your roof when you have Armor Commercial Roofing working for you! Give us a call today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Single-Ply Benefits

At Armor Commercial Roofing, we use only the very best so we can continue to be confident we’re providing our customers with the services and solutions they deserve. A few of the many benefits Conklin single-ply roofing systems offer are:

  • Durable – Ready to withstand wind, hail, fire, chemicals, and much more
  • Flexible – Easily expand and contract during hot and cold temperature swings to leave less chance for tears or cracks
  • Lightweight – With a single membrane layer, this option is far lighter than many other options
  • Energy Efficient – Typically a white roof from the start, most single-ply membranes can help to lower your utility costs by reflecting the sun’s powerful UV rays
  • Waterproof – With a seamless application, water has less areas to find its way in
  • Easy installation – Typically requires less time leading to lower labor costs
  • Low Maintenance – With an annual cleaning and a couple of inspections each year, roofing issues are far less likely to surprise you
  • Warranty options – Most single-ply membranes come with optional, non-prorated warranties

Reach Out Today

If you still have questions about replacing your old, worn roof with a new, trusted single-ply roofing option, or if you’d like to have a single-ply roof installed on your new building, Armor Commercial Roofing is here to help! Our knowledgeable roofers will make sure you have all the information you need to make sure you have a roof you can trust to keep things protected during any season here in Middlebury, IN. Reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Rubber Roof Repair – Middlebury, IN

Scheduling any necessary rubber roof repairs or services for the coming spring season is a great way to help your roof succeed all summer long and here in the Middlebury, IN area, we sure see some storms that put our roofs to the test! At Armor Commercial Roofing, we’re the full-service commercial roofing contractor building owners and property managers continue to rely on for reliable roofing solutions and we look forward to bringing your roof back to life. Whether you need a repair, service, or would simply like to schedule your roof for inspection so you can be in the know of its’ condition, we’ve got you covered! Reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953 and know you can soon be confident in the protection your roof provides again!

The Ideal Times

The spring and fall seasons are a couple of the ideal times to have your building’s roof inspected, having a professional inspection after any major storms blow threw the area is also optimal as it allows our roofers to catch any issues early on. Don’t fret, we offer our quality roofing services and solutions year-round to ensure your roof is always one that can keep things protected properly. With a couple of thorough inspections each year, you’re far less likely to be surprised by the sudden need for large, costly repairs on your roof and that’s the way we want to keep it at Armor Commercial Roofing!

Any work you call us out for will be started the same way, with a proper roof inspection. This helps our team learn the true condition of your roof and what it requires, and it also helps ensure no issues will go unfound. Leave your roof to the professionals at Armor Commercial Roofing and you’ll have a little less to stress about this summer!

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If you believe your rubber roof is due for repair or service, Armor Commercial Roofing can help! Our roofing professionals are trained in the various types of commercial roofing systems and we continue to custom tailor our services and solutions to better fit the needs of our customers and their roofs throughout Middlebury, IN. Give our team a call today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Flat Roof Replacement – Middlebury, IN

When a flat roof replacement is the solution for your constant roofing headaches, Armor Commercial Roofing is the team you can trust to handle things flawlessly from start to finish! Whether you’re calling on us for a second opinion, or to find out if your roof has indeed seen the end, we’ll deliver a thorough and honest assessment of your roof’s condition and the requirements it has. Many times, we’re happy to let our customers around the Middlebury, IN area know we can actually help extend the life of their current roof with a roof coating or restoration! Whatever the case, when you put your roof in our hands, you can expect timely and effective services and solutions every time. Call today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Roofing Made Simple

Anytime you put your roof in our professional’s hands, you can rest easy knowing we will work to keep things simple and hassle free from the start. Constant roofing headaches aren’t a thing when you have our roofers taking care of your building’s roof, but if you’ve been dealing with a pesky leak that another company has been unsuccessful with, our team will work quickly to find and resolve the issue at the source.

Your building’s roof is a significant investment initially, but at Armor Commercial Roofing, we offer affordable roofing services and solutions that help your roof succeed! It shouldn’t break the bank to keep your roof and investment protected and when we’re keeping things in check, it won’t! If a flat roof replacement is indeed the best course of action to take, we will let you know your dependable options that can keep things protected for the long haul.

Reach Out Today

Flat roof replacements are known to be a distraction to your business and daily routine, but when you’re working with Armor Commercial Roofing, the entire tear off and replacement process will be kept as pain free as possible. We work hard to deliver the finest roofing services and solutions to building owners, property managers, and more in Middlebury, IN and we look forward to working with you. Reach out today at (517) 617 – 6953.