Quality Commercial Roofing Services – Battle Creek, MI

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As a commercial or industrial building owner, you are probably looking for ways to extend the lifespan of your roof. However, in order to accomplish this, you need access to top-grade commercial roofing services. Your commercial roof can encounter a wide range of problems, from severe damage caused by a heavy storm to aging due to foot traffic and the passing of time. Whatever the problem may be, you can trust the reliable team at Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, to provide the solutions you need. We offer a wide range of high-quality services. To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953!

Wide Range of Services

There are many issues that your commercial roof could encounter. No matter what the problem may be, our specialists have the expertise and skills to deal with it. Depending on the condition of your roof, it may need some general repairs, a roof coating, or even a complete replacement. We will help you determine the best steps to take for your building.

Commercial Roofing Services

However, no matter what service you may need, you can rest easy with us! We will provide the most affordable and suitable solutions for your situation. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our valuable clients based on honesty and respect. See for yourself why so many in the region continue to trust us!

Customized Solutions

One of the primary reasons why our team stands out from its competitors is that our solutions are customized to your particular needs, budget, and climate. We understand that each roof and building are different, which is why the solutions need to be targeted to your specific situation. Thanks to our customized services, building owners in the state continue to choose us time and time again for their roofing needs. We are passionate about giving each client a sturdy roof that will protect both them and their building for years to come.

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Are you looking for reliable commercial roofing services in Battle Creek, MI? If so, look no further! Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, the professional craftsmen at Armor Commercial Roofing have what it takes to keep your commercial roof in optimal condition. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact our team today at 517-617-6953! We look forward to partnering with you.

Commercial Roofing Services – Kalamazoo, MI

Armor Commercial Roofing is a well-established roofing company that provides a full list of commercial roofing services to clients in Kalamazoo, MI. We do roof estimates for free and provide thorough roof inspections. For the best commercial roofing help around, reach out to our team today at (517) 617-6953.

Roof Inspections

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Armor Commercial Roofing can keep a roof in great condition for a lot longer when we are able to inspect a roof on a regular basis. Our free roof inspections are very thorough. We’ll check for any rips or tears in your roof and pay close attention to its seams. With regular looks at your roof, we’ll be able to get your roof the services it needs exactly when it needs them.

Customized Roof Maintenance Plans

The condition of a commercial roof depends on several factors. This includes its age, the kind of roof it is, and the environment that the roof is in. The point is, every roof is in its own unique spot. Armor Commercial Roofing customizes roof maintenance plans that is designed for the specific needs of each roof that we work on.

Roof Restoration

Commercial Roofing Services

Restoring a roof is an excellent way to prolong the life of a roof at a great price. Our company uses roof coatings to reinforce commercial roofs. This waterproof layer is incredibly effective at preventing roof leaks for years. This also increases the reflectivity of a roof’s surface which will make your commercial building more energy efficient.

Roof Replacements

If your roof is not in a place where it can be effectively repaired or restored, Armor Commercial Roofing does roof replacements for cheap. We’ll give you a free estimate on a new roof and get the job done in a timely manner. Hire us for a flawlessly installed commercial roof.

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There are a lot of commercial roofing services that a commercial roof can require over the course of its lifespan. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we do them all for our clients in Kalamazoo, MI. For a free project quote on your roof, reach out to our experienced team of roofing specialists today at (517) 617-6953.

Reasons to Choose a Roof Coating

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The lifespan of your commercial or industrial roof can vary, depending on how well it has been maintained. When it comes to roof maintenance, a roof coating is one of the best ways you can protect your roof and enable it to last for many more years. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Battle Creek, MI, and you are looking for a long-lasting and dependable roof coating, you have no better choice than the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. Our specialists have been working in the industry for many years. During this time, we have encountered a wide range of problems and applied the necessary solutions. You can trust us! We know what it takes to keep your roof in optimal condition. To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953!

Individualized Roof Coating Services

Roof Coating

For any roofing service to be successful, it must be personalized to meet your specific needs. Therefore, all of our roofing services, including our roof coatings, are tailored to the needs of our customers. Whenever you call us, we we will begin by inspecting your commercial roof in detail. Based on the results of this inspection and our vast knowledge of the industry, we will then determine the best course of action. If the recommended service turns out to be a roof coating, you can rest easy, knowing that we will carry it out flawlessly and efficiently. We will take into account your specific situation to give you results that last for years to come.

Premium Roofing Materials

At our company, we believe in using only premium roofing materials. This is because we aim to build long-term relationships with each one of our clients. This is only possible when we provide them with results they can depend on for many years to come. Therefore, our team partners with only the most renowned roofing manufacturers in the region. Come see for yourself why so many building owners in the area continue to choose us!

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Are you looking for roof coating experts for your commercial building in Battle Creek, MI? If so, there is no better option for you than the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. Our proficient technicians have the expertise to handle your roof coating project. We would be honored to serve you! Call us today at 517-617-6953 for more information.

Single-Ply Roofing Services – Battle Creek, MI

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A commercial or industrial building represents a large financial investment. Therefore, you need a reliable roof on top of it to ensure its protection. If you are considering various options for your roofing system, a single-ply roof could be a great choice for you. If you are an industrial or commercial building owner in Battle Creek, MI, you can count on the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing for a wide range of single-ply roofing services. No matter whether you are looking for an installation, repairs, or maintenance, our team is here to help you. Our specialists have been working in the industry for many years. During this time, we have encountered a wide range of roofing problems and applied the right solutions. You can be sure that we can help you! To get started, contact us today at 517-617-6953.

Benefits of Single-Ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing can be divided into three categories: PVC, TPO, and EPDM. Each of them is suitable for a specific type of building and weather conditions. However, no matter which one you choose, it will be worth your investment.

Single-ply roofing is very easy to install and maintain. Its exceptional durability makes it able to withstand heavy storms, foot traffic, and extreme temperatures. This ultimately reduces the chances of tears and punctures in the roof.

Single-Ply Roofing Services

Furthermore, the material used to make single-ply roofing reflects the sun’s UV rays, meaning that your building will remain at a lower temperature. This will reduce the strain on your HVAC system and could save you money on energy bills.

Finally, single-ply roofing is affordable. You will be able to enjoy its many benefits at a reasonable price.

Clearly, this roofing type is a wise investment for property owners. See for yourself why so many building owners in the area choose single-ply roofing!

Why Choose Us

There are many contractors to choose from when it comes to single-ply roofing services. However, our crew stands out from the competition thanks to the unmatched workmanship of our craftsmen and our use of premium roofing materials. This ideal combination allows us to provide you with the best services possible.

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Are you looking for single-ply roofing experts in Battle Creek, MI? If so, then the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing should be your top choice. Call us today at 517-617-6953 for more details! Our technicians are ready to serve you.

Expert Rubber Roof Repair Services

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If you own a commercial building with a rubber roof, then you need an expert contractor to provide high-quality rubber roof repair services. Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, has the crew you need. We are a local company, so we understand the building codes and regulations in your area. We can provide the exact solutions you are looking for. For more information, call us today at 517-617-6953!

Our Specialists

Rubber roof repairs require a contractor who is trained in this particular service. If you hire someone who has not worked with rubber roofs, there is a chance they could create more problems in the future. Thankfully, our crew is specifically trained to work with rubber roofs. We have years of experience with this roofing type.

If you have a rubber roof on your building, you need the right team to perform repairs and maintenance. This is why you can trust us! We handle every task with focus, care, and thoughtfulness. You and your roof deserve a team that is there for you today and for years to come.

Repair Process

Rubber Roof Repair

Rubber roof repairs require a significant amount of planning to manage correctly. In addition, the correct tools and materials, as well as a knowledgeable crew, are vital to the repairs.

When working on a rubber roof, your contractor needs to keep a few things in mind that may be different than working with other roofing systems. For example, workers need boards to walk on. Using a board to walk on reduces the risk of puncturing the rubber with your boots. Your contractor also needs to be extra careful with tools to ensure they are not dropped.

If not done correctly the first time, rubber roof repairs can even lead to severe leaks in your roof. That is why you need to work with an expert team with many years of experience. When you hire us, we will complete the repairs with skill and expertise. When we have finished, you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

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When you call our team to handle your rubber roof repairs, you can trust us to complete them properly. Here at Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, we give your roof the attention it deserves! We want to be your long-term roofing partner. To get started, contact our team today at 517-617-6953. We look forward to partnering with you.

Quality Flat Roof Replacement – Battle Creek, MI

Due to a variety of factors, flat roofs typically need to be replaced every 15-20 years. If you are looking for a contractor in Battle Creek, MI, to handle your flat roof replacement project, the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing is your top choice. For more information, call us today at 517-617-6953!

Partnering with the Best

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When it comes to your building, you want to partner with the best contractor without spending a large amount of money. When you hire us, you will get an ideal combination of quality and affordable prices.

Our team of top-notch craftsmen uses the best materials available, and we offer accessible prices to our valued customers. We also customize our services to fit your needs. Some companies may try to provide a one-size-fits-all solution. This generalization can lead to an incorrect installation and a premature failure. However, we take our time to inspect your roof, obtain its exact measurements, and identify any issues before we make a plan of action. Once we have completed the inspection, we will meet with you to discuss the best steps to take. We will explain your options and help you choose the right materials.

Understanding the Replacement Process

Sometimes, a natural disaster may force you to replace your roof. However, this does not mean that you need to be worried about severe weather. Having a good insurance policy and performing regular maintenance will help protect you.

Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roofs in particular are prone to leaks. This can be prevented through adequate repairs, restoration, and coatings. However, even with the best maintenance, your roof will still need to be replaced. With us performing regular inspections and repairs, we will help you determine when the best time is to replace your roof. We encourage you to have a plan in place before you need a replacement. This gives you time to prepare for the inevitable by understanding the process and knowing the costs ahead of time. This will save you a considerable amount of money and stress. In addition, you will already know who is working on your roof. You can trust us, knowing we will complete the job correctly!

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Whether you are considering a flat roof replacement now, or you want to be prepared for the unexpected, the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, is here for you. Contact us now at 517-617-6953 to get started!

Rubber Roof Repair – Battle Creek, MI

The team at Armor Commercial Roofing is ready to take your roof to the next level. If your rubber roof is leaking, hire us for a thorough rubber roof repair. We do all types of commercial roofing services for clients in Battle Creek, MI. To find out more about what we offer, you can reach us today at (517) 617-6953.

About Rubber Roofs

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If you are still deciding on a type of commercial roof, there are many reasons to choose a rubber roofing system. For one, it’s easily one of the more cost-effective types of commercial roofs available. A rubber roof is extremely affordable and can last many decades with timely roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Rubber roofs are fully recyclable. These roofs can help improve the energy-efficiency of your building and are great at covering large roof surfaces with few seams. In comparison to other types of roofing systems, rubber roofs are quite low maintenance. Routine roof inspections from the experts at Armor Commercial Roofing will prevent problems and fix problems before they have a chance to develop further.

Our Repairs

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We have a great deal of experience in the commercial roofing industry. Since a rubber roof is one of the most common kinds of commercial roofs out there, our roofing specialists have performed all types of rubber roof repairs over the years. We are also known for our ability to fully restore roofs.

By hiring Armor Commercial Roofing to restore your roof with a roof coating, you will have a roof that is fit to last for far longer. The longer your roof can last, the more money you save since replacements are usually quite costly.  Moreover, a roof coating will increase the reflectivity of your roof’s membrane which improves the energy-efficiency of your building.

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If you have a leaking building in Battle Creek, MI, it’s time to reach out to Armor Commercial Roofing. We will get your roof a rubber roof repair that lasts. To set up a roof inspection today, give us a call at (517) 617-6953. You can hire us for any type of commercial roofing service. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate!

Benefit From Our Roof Inspection Services

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Your commercial property is a large financial investment. Make sure you protect your investment by partnering with an expert contractor to provide the roofing services you need. If you are in Battle Creek, MI, you should contact the talented crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. We provide thorough roof inspection services that will enable you to save money and time in the future. Call us today at 517-617-6953 to get started!

Importance of Inspections

Scheduling inspections twice a year is a great way to protect your building. You’ll be able to reduce long-term costs by receiving the right services exactly when you need them. Regular inspections also help you be aware of your roof’s condition. Your contractor will detect issues why they are still minor and easy to repair. You’ll be able to schedule the necessary repairs promptly and avoid larger problems in the future.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens, such as severe weather. If your roof has sustained damage, you should call us immediately and schedule an inspection. This will allow us to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Inspections should be a normal part of preventative care for your roof. If you are diligent, then you will have fewer nasty surprises and your roof will remain in better condition.


Roof Inspection Services

No matter what contractor you choose, you should create a regular maintenance program for your roof. With routine maintenance and repairs, your commercial roof will last longer and you will encounter fewer unexpected issues.

Our maintenance programs include two inspections a year. However, you can add more inspections if you would like, as well as adjust the rest of the program to suit your needs and preferences. You get to decide the frequency and nature of the services you receive. Whether your roof is brand new or has begun to age, it is never too late to create a maintenance program!

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Whether you own a new building or your structure has begun to age, you need a trusted contractor to perform a high-quality roof inspection. If you are in Battle Creek, MI, your first choice should be the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. We will take care of your roof and ensure it lasts for years to come. To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953! We look forward to working with you.

Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor – Battle Creek, MI

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Has your commercial roof encountered problems? If you are in Battle Creek, MI, the team at Armor Commercial Roofing can help. Partnering with an expert commercial roofing contractor will ensure you receive the best results possible. We know how to help you! To learn more, call us today at 517-617-6953.

Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Services

No matter what service you need, we will always begin with a roof inspection. This lets us understand your situation and detect any issues you may not have noticed. We will compile our findings and create a plan of action that is tailored to your needs. We will then present our estimate to you.

We will work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your situation, taking into account your budget, needs, and local climate. As part of our estimate, we will include the projected time frame and cost, allowing you to make the best decision possible. We prioritize your interests, which is why we always strive to be transparent and honest!

Commercial Roofing Contractor2

We offer a wide range of services, including cleaning, repairs, inspections, and maintenance. Cleaning is important to ensure your roof is free of debris and functioning properly. Repairs, restorations, and maintenance are also crucial to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. Finally, a replacement is a large-scale project, which is why we only suggest this when we have exhausted all other options.

See for yourself why so many property owners across the region choose us!

About Us

We have been helping building owners in the community for over four decades. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed a stellar reputation. We can provide customized solutions to any roofing problem you may have. We also offer warranties on all of our projects, which will protect you in the future in case of the unexpected. We are dedicated to providing flawless and long-lasting solutions!

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If you are looking for a commercial roofing partner, the team at Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, should be your first choice. We look forward to working with you! To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953.

Expert Flat Roof Repair Services

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If you are a commercial building owner, your roof will inevitably sustain damage and require repairs during its lifespan. For flat roofs, one of the most common causes of damage are leaks. Thankfully, the team at Armor Commercial Roofing in Battle Creek, MI, offers top-notch flat roof repair services. You can trust us! To learn more, call us today at 517-617-6953.

Why Leaks Happen

Leaks are the most common cause of damage for flat roofs and can develop due to a variety of reasons.

One common cause is a backup in the drainage system. If your drainage system is not kept clear of debris, water will begin accumulating on your roof. This ponding water exerts pressure on your roof and could cause a leak. Additionally, an improperly-placed drainage system can lead to leaks, even if no debris is present.

Leaks can not only cause problems for your roof, but they can also damage your building’s framing and insulation. This can lead to issues such as mold development and energy loss. If this occurs, the necessary repairs could be quite expensive. This is why it is crucial to address damage as quickly as possible!


Flat Roof Repair

Roof repairs can be complicated, which is why you need to partner with a reliable contractor to complete the job. It may be tempting to perform the repairs yourself, but this could lead to bigger and more expensive problems in the future.

It is crucial to work with a licensed and reputable contractor who has the skills, equipment, and knowledge necessary to provide the right solutions for your situation. A reputable company will also provide a warranty for their work, giving you peace of mind even after the job is completed.

Additionally, if you need to submit an insurance claim in the future, partnering with a licensed company will help prove that you were diligently caring for your roof. This makes it more likely that your claim will be approved.

Finally, a reputable contractor will understand the local regulations in your area, ensuring that your project is up to code.

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If you are looking for flat roof repairs in Battle Creek, MI, look no further than the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. We will ensure your roof returns to optimal condition. To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953!