Commercial Roofing Companies – Benton Harbor, MI

The roofing industry’s progress over the past decade has been exponential. The entry doors have become wide open for new players due to the accessibility and availability of roofing technology and skills. Numerous new roofers have joined the industry by either joining existing commercial roofing companies or setting up their own. The overall standard of roofing service may have increased but so have unskilled roofers and chances of fraud.

Armor Commercial Roofing is known for its reliable commercial roofing services. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we don’t just roof it; we armor it! To learn more about our activities in Benton Harbor, Michigan, call us at 517-617-6953.

What is a commercial roofing company?

Of course, a roof does not fix itself every time damage or a problem occurs. The amount of expertise and equipment required to perform a roofing service is not within the reach of the average person. Therefore, we need a professional commercial roofing contractor or company to take care of our roofing worries.

A commercial roofing company is a full-fledged organization with a team of experts and professionals with the expertise, experience, and equipment to undertake extensive roofing projects. Most importantly, such roofing companies have the resources at their disposal to perform roofing services. What makes them different from construction companies is their specialization and experience with roofs. Most commercial roofing companies provide their workers with specialized training to prepare for all sorts of projects, including warehouses, buildings, skyscrapers, etc.

Finding a trustworthy commercial roofing company has become an exhausting job these days. With so many roofing companies, it is difficult to filter out fraud and scammers. When looking to hire a roofing company, we recommend checking the online reviews and operational methods of the commercial roofing companies.

Why Armor Commercial Roofing?

Armor Commercial Roofing has offered commercial roofing services for over four decades in the United States. We are lucky to have a group of experts and roofing professionals on board to work with us. Our workers are specially trained to be adept at cost-effective and eco-friendly methods of operation. Our products are certified by ENERGY STAR and come with warranties. In our arsenal of roofing services, we have roof leak detection, repair, replacement, inspection, maintenance, and insurance assistance.

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Commercial Roofing Services – Benton Harbor, MI

Over the years, pervasive commercial roofing services have become readily available in different parts of the US. New roofing companies open almost every year, streamlining the availability of roofing services. Nevertheless, with so many competitors in the market, customers find it hard to figure out who is the top player and who is a fraudster. Armor Commercial Roofing is widely acclaimed for its highly rated commercial roofing services and products. We deal in various roofing services. Our services are widespread in all of Michigan, particularly in Benton Harbor. To inquire about the details, call us at 517-617-6953.

What are commercial roofing services?

Roofing services are meant to upgrade the quality and condition of a roofing system. Roof repairs, renovation, inspections, and restoration are widely demanded and delivered roofing services.

Commercial roofing services are a lot more extensive and more massive. Building, repairing, maintaining, inspecting, or renovating the roofing systems of large properties like warehouses, buildings, or workspaces are all categorized as commercial roofing services. For large-scale projects like the ones mentioned, Armor Commercial Roofing, a commercial roofing company, is what you need.

However, it isn’t easy to find a trustworthy roofing company these days. Some market scams are difficult to navigate through. Hiring the wrong roofing company can lead to expensive and inefficient results, especially inexperienced ones. Besides, every property owner will need a professional to guide them and help them choose the best and most cost-effective service for their property.

Why Armor Commercial Roofing?

Armor Commercial Roofing has been serving the roofing needs of the people of Michigan. We are lucky to have a team of hard-working, talented, and professional workers. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we ensure that our technicians and experts are equipped with the expertise and technologies to undertake any roofing project. Our company takes immense pride in focusing on efficient and eco-friendly work methods. While working, all safety and quality standards set by authorities are acknowledged and met with diligence. Armor Commercial Roofing deals in several roofing services, including repairs, replacements, restorations, inspections, and maintenance programs.

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To book any commercial roofing service with Armor Commercial Roofing for your property in Benton Harbor, Michigan, call us at 517-617-6953.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Benton Harbor, MI

Severe weather, water erosion, and debris can damage or destroy your commercial roof in Benton Harbor, Michigan. If it’s severe, you may need a professional roof repair or replacement. If this is your case, worry not! Armor Commercial Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor, and we are here to offer sound consultation and solutions that will help your business’s special needs best. Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals will be with you at every step of the process, from inspection to installation. Their years of roofing experience will ensure your job gets done perfectly. Contact us today at 5176176953!

What Can We Help You With?

Our team of local roofers can replace, install, or repair any type of flat or sloped roof for your commercial buildings, whether it be an office, warehouse, or shopping center.

Standing pools of water, cracks in the roof, and signs of water damage can be a sign of serious structural issues, resulting in astronomical construction and restoration costs down the road. Once noticed, it’s crucial to address them promptly. In such cases, your first call should be to Armor Commercial Roofing. We will repair any commercial roofing problems swiftly and within your budget.

What You Can Expect from Armor Commercial Roofing

Communication: We give great importance to proper planning and staging of all our projects. We coordinate with you from start to end, ensuring you know exactly what is happening and what to expect next.

Professionalism: We understand integrity, trust, and attention to detail are essential to your satisfaction. We’re dedicated to protecting your business operations and personnel with high-quality service and workmanship.

Timeliness: Our professional estimate, project management, and work experience guarantee that your roofing project will be completed within time with no compromise on quality.

Innovation: We use top-of-the-line materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers while using manufacturer recommended installation techniques and workmanship.

Craftsmanship: Our seasoned team consists of skilled professionals who are the best at what they do. Additionally, all our work comes with good warranty periods so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Fast Free Quote

As commercial roofing contractors in Benton Harbor, Michigan, our first step for any roofing project is to complete a comprehensive inspection of your building’s roof. We will then provide you with suitable options so that you can make an informed decision on what suits your business best. The earlier you get in touch with our team, the more time and money you save. So why wait? Contact Armor Commercial Roofing today at (517) 617-6953 before it’s too late!

Single-ply Roofing Benton Harbor MI

Single-ply roofing systems are perhaps the most sought-after systems in Benton Harbor, Michigan. There are different types of single-ply systems available on the market, with each type having its own advantages and disadvantages. You can now get a single-ply roofing system installed on any of your commercial properties in Benton Harbor via the expert at Armor Commercial Roofing. All you need to do is call us at 517-617-6953 and book your spot! Our team will handle all of your roofing worries after you make the call.

Types of Single-ply roofs and their uses

There are three main types of single-ply roofing systems available on the market today. All three of them are suitable for different businesses; therefore, you must select your type considering all the factors stated in this section.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is the latest edition to single-ply roofs and is the most cost-effective in terms of saving your business cooling costs. It is easily transported and installed and can save a lot of time for your business as well. Its white surface allows maximum reflection of the sun’s rays.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is also known as rubber roofs. Its synthetic rubber-like texture allows for it to be rolled up into sheets. This way, it is easily transported and installed. This type usually fits in well in colder climates as the black layer allows for heat retention rather than the sun’s reflection.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofs are best suited for businesses that deal in chemicals and their storage. Its plastic-like surface allows for the roof to be sturdier. It is highly resistant to animal fats and chemicals and can prove to be a worthwhile investment for such businesses.

Quality single-ply roofing services

Put your trust in Armor Commercial Roofing. As we always provide the best services to all our clients. Our history in this region is also a testament to the type of service we provide. Not only do we provide installation services, but our team also provides repair, maintenance, and restoration services.

Our slogan says, “Don’t just roof it, Armor it!” As a result, we are confident in providing the best service to our clients so that they will not need to hire another roofer in the future.

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To book Armor Commercial Roofing’s single ply roofing services, you need to call us at 517-617-6953. We are available in many regions, including Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Flat Roof Repair, Bronson MI

From inspections to simple repairs, leak detection, roof restoration, and much more, Armor Commercial Roofing’s roofers in Bronson Michigan have the experience, expertise, and qualifications to quickly assess, accurately diagnose, and effectively repair your flat roof.

Call us at (517) 617-6953 to obtain a free, no-obligation estimate or schedule a roof inspection today!

Comprehensive Flat Roof Repair For Michigan

Armor Commercial Roofing is a full-service commercial roofer. We treat all types of commercial flat and low-sloping roofing systems:

  • Metal
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • Built-up
  • Tar/asphalt
  • Modified bitumen
  • And more

When you hire Armor to take care of your flat roofing needs, you can count on superior workmanship, high-quality materials, personalized solutions, and attentive care.

Superior Flat Roof Inspections

Each change of season brings new challenges to the condition and performance of your flat roof. Periodic roof inspections by an expert can help keep you on top of roof repairs and plan for necessary maintenance. Armor Commercial Roofing recommends scheduling a roof inspection every 6 months (in line with industry standards).

Benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of major interior and exterior damages
  • Reduce long-term costs by addressing damages while they are smaller and less expensive
  • Keep drain systems operating at peak performance to minimize risk of water damage
  • Remove debris and keep roof clean and efficient
  • Add years to the life of your roof
  • Create a record for insurance purposes
  • Gain peace of mind

Long-Term Flat Roof Care

While we at Armor Commercial Roofing are always at the ready to respond to your immediate flat roof repair needs, our experienced service crew offers something even better – long-term maintenance agreements with a focus on preventative roof care.

We believe no commercial roof should be without a customized, all-inclusive maintenance plan. Armor’s maintenance contracts can help you proactively address roofing issues and save time and money for the long haul.

A typical maintenance plan outlines how often your roof is inspected (we recommend bi-annually) and what services are performed automatically. Following a thorough inspection, we present customers with a detailed evaluation and suggested solutions. Common recommendations include:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Drain system cleaning
  • Caulking
  • Small repairs – mechanical damage, penetrations, small leaks

The Best Choice For Flat Roof Repairs

Armor Commercial Roofing is the best choice for all of your flat roof repair needs. When you hire Armor to care for and repair your flat commercial roof, you don’t have to worry about a thing – from seasonal inspections to customary repair and from simple maintenance to more complex repairs like roof restoration, we do it all. Call today! (517) 617-6953.

Rubber Roof Repair- Benton Harbor, MI

Rubber roofs have become a popular commercial business choice for America, not just Michigan. Therefore, many owners in Benton Harbor, Michigan, have also joined this wave and boasted a perfect rubber roof repair. However, like all things in this world, roofs also diminish with time and other factors. Eventually, you will need to hire professional roofers to make certain rubber roof repairs that no other amateur roofers can make. In times of need, Armor Commercial Roofing. are always ready to deliver their best work. If you want to acquire our roofers for the “rubber roof repair” service, then make a call at 517-617-6953, and book your appointment today!

Possible issues in rubber roofs

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofs are commonly referred to as rubber roofs. These durable roofs usually never let their owners down; however, some issues may still arise resulting from the roof’s geographical location, the kind of weather it faces, and the frequency/type of maintenance it gets.

Here are some of the issues that a rubber roof may face:

  • Rips, tears, cuts, and holes often allow the top layer of the rubber roof to be compromised. The natural elements then tend to penetrate the roof and affect’s its infrastructure negatively.
  • Standing water/water ponding: An uneven installation may result in water ponding that may degenerate the top layer of the roof. This is a common issue due to frequent thunderstorms in the region.
  • Shrinkages: The change in temperature on the roof’s surface causes thermal expansion or shrinkage. This causes the roof membrane to pull away from the edges, causing a whole range of problems.
  • Poor drainage system design can cause a lot of interior and exterior water damage to the building’s structure.
  • Normal wear and tear also cause the roof to degenerate over time.

You should be wary of all these common rubber roofing problems. As soon as you observe one such issue, you must call our expert immediately. We can fix rubber roofs with our rubber roof repair service, allowing your roof to last longer and remain well-maintained.

Once you book an appointment, the rest of the process is simple and trouble-free. Our team will inspect the area, report the issues with your roofs, and give you some possible solutions. You can choose to make the repairs or choose another solution.

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To acquire our rubber roof repair service in Benton Harbor, Michigan, you must call Armor Commercial Roofing on 517-617-6953.

Flat Roof Replacement Benton Harbor Michigan

Roofs are an integral part of any building, not just commercial buildings. Therefore, no one should compromise on their roofs since bad quality roofs can become costly in the long run. If you want to get a high-quality commercial roof installed in Benton Harbor, Michigan, then you can call Armor Commercial Roofing. Our flat roof replacement service is very popular in the region, since we have the best roofers, and we use high-quality materials. You can book an appointment by calling us at 517-617-6953.

Flat Roof Options

There are many different choices available to commercial building owners when it comes to flat roof choices. You can choose rubber roofs (EPDM) for an efficient installation process and easy upkeep tendencies. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofs are great for buildings that use or store oils and chemicals. Another option for commercial building owners is a TPO roof. This kind of roof is highly efficient in terms of reducing cooling costs. Other options include modified bitumen roofs, tar roofs, and metal roofs.

Flat Roof Replacement Procedures

We have a straightforward procedure for roof replacements, as we do not want to bother our clients at all. After you reach out to us, we will visit the site for an inspection. This inspection is going to tell us if the roof is ideal for replacement or if there are any other issues with it. Our experts are then going to start the consultation process. Through the consultation, you can decide on which roof you want any other relevant details for the project. The replacement is finally given the green light. After the replacement, a few final checks are made, and an inspection is also conducted. Our experts will also be available to discuss future maintenance plans and insurance plans with your company.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to the region is evident in how many satisfied clients we have. Our customers keep coming back to us because they know that they have roofers they can trust here. We have worked with big-name clients as well as the everyday mom & pop business. Our commitment to both of these types is always the same. We aim to give each project a fair go so that the end result satisfies our clients.

Don’t just roof it, Armor it!

You can call Armor Commercial Roofing on this number: 517-617-6953. Our flat roof replacement service is available in many regions, including Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Roof Inspection – Benton Harbor, MI

Armor Commercial Roofing is a full-service commercial roofing company operating in the Benton Harbor region of Michigan. Our expert roofers come from different parts of the country and have in depth knowledge about roofs and their behavior/structures in different regions.

One service that is essential for all roofers and property owners alike is the roof inspection service. A roof inspection service is conducted before any major repairs/installations take place on a roof. Roof inspections should be conducted every couple of months. Inspections are extremely useful as they give a snapshot and an overview regarding the roof’s health whether it needs repairs or not. You can acquire our roof inspection services by calling our representatives on 517-617-6953.

How does a Roof Inspection service work?

Our experts will visit your commercial building once the appointment has been confirmed and aligned. The roof inspection begins with our experts removing any accumulated debris and other such particles. Starting with a clean roof is important so that our roofers can examine the roof properly. Then the seams and drainage systems are checked for any damage. Other signs of damages, such as leakages, movements, and breaks, are all inspected thoroughly.

We then draft a report of the inspection for your review. You can keep track of the health of your roof by adding the reports to your records. All our recommendations will also be written in the report. Please take our recommendations regarding repairs and installations seriously as they can save precious lives and ensure that your roofing system keeps performing its best in the long run. You can ask the experts on-site for more information regarding repairs and other Armor Commercial services.

Armor it!

Our motto at Armor commercial is “don’t just roof it, Armor it!” We do not want you to suffer at the hands of local roofers or self-repairs. These activities can be harmful as a lack of knowledge regarding roofs can disrupt and cause damage to the entire structure of a building. Therefore, you must call our experts for any roofing jobs as our solutions are going to be long-term. We won’t just repair the roof, but we’ll make it stronger and give it a suit of armor for more protection!

Reach out to us today!

If you are looking for a commercial roof inspection service in the Benton Harbor region of Michigan, you can call us at 517-617-6953. Armor Commercial has your back in all disasters and good times. No matter the condition of your roof, we are sure we can fix it for you!

Roof Coating – Benton Harbor MI

A full-blown roof replacement is always a costly job that requires a lot of effort. Furthermore, the downtime that your commercial building faces is also considerable compared to all the alternatives you have. One such alternative is to have a roof coating in place. Roof coatings are a major tool for roof restoration services as they can help increase a roof’s life by making it more resistant to natural elements, leakages, and other damage.

You can now get the roof coating service from Armor Commercial Roofing in Benton Harbor, Michigan! All you have to do is call us at 517-617-6953, and our experts will do the rest!

What are roof coatings?

A roof coating is a restoration/maintenance tool that is physically applied over roof surfaces in order to add an extra layer of protection. Roof coatings help businesses save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs since the top layer of coatings is often reflective. Some coatings also have built-in insulation mechanisms to help preserve heat in the building.

There are many different types of roof coatings; some are made from silicone, while others are water-based. A common coating type is spray foam coating. This type can help businesses save costs in the winter as well as summer months. They are heavily used in regions that see hailstorms a lot.

Acrylic roof coatings are highly reflective of UV rays and are compatible with a few selected substances. They can be extremely useful in warmer climates.

Silicone roofs are used in regions with a lot of rainfall since they are made from materials that can withstand such forces. It also has properties similar to those of acrylic roofs.

There are many other types of roof coatings available. However, you need to tell our experts your specifications. This way, they can suggest the best coating for your business.

Application procedure

We follow a very simple but precise application process for our roof coating service. Our roofers are instructed to reach the site after you book an appointment with us. The roof is inspected, and a detailed report is drafted. Minor repairs are made, and a clean-up takes place shortly afterward. The two-part coatings are applied after the first layer has dried, while single-layered ones are left to dry for hours. It depends on which type of coating you have selected.

Reach out to us!

Roof coatings are very helpful, and if you live in Benton Harbor, Michigan, you can get this service from Armor Commercial Roofing. Call us at this number for more information: 517-617-6953.

Rubber Roof Repair, Bronson MI

A large majority of the commercial roofs we service at Armor Commercial Roofing are rubber, or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) – and for good reason. Rubber roofing systems are a great choice for flat and low-slope roofing applications – they’re durable, long-lasting, and one of the more cost-effective roofing systems out there.

Despite the numerous advantages, rubber roofs have their fair share of common issues, disadvantages, and problems. That is where Armor Commercial Roofing comes in. We are Southern Michigan’s premier provider of rubber roof repairs and related services, including rubber roof inspections, maintenance, and restoration. Call us today at (517) 617-6953 to learn more or request a complimentary estimate.

Common Rubber Roof Issues

Armor Commercial Roofing takes care of commercial roofing clients throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana – we’ve seen it all when it comes to rubber roofs, and we are especially familiar with the unique challenges our humid summers and long, cold winters present.

Here are some of the most common issues to look for when it comes to your rubber roof:

  • Standing water – Usually due to low spots across the membrane or uneven sloping
  • Penetrations – Rips, holes, and tears often occur with careless rooftop activities or severe weather events
  • Shrinkage – Roof membrane may pull away from edges with temperature changes
  • Faulty drains – Clogged or poorly positioned drains can cause interior and exterior water damage
  • General wear and tear – May be due to exposure or just normal aging
  • Bubbling – May be air, water, or vapor trapped between layers of membrane
  • Failing seams – Weak points exist where sheets of rubber roofing membrane come together

Whatever the problem may be, the qualified team at Armor Commercial Roofing is prepared to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat it. Every roof repair project begins with a thorough roof inspection, so you can rest easy knowing we can find every problem and take care of them all at once.

Fast, Effective Rubber Roof Repair & Maintenance

In addition to providing exemplary, one-time rubber roof repair services, Armor Commercial Roofing also offers long-term maintenance contracts. A maintenance plan can take all the work out of taking care of your commercial roof – you decide how often you want a professional roof inspection and what services you would like automatically performed, and we take it from there. We recommend including the following:

  • Bi-annual roof inspection (every 6 months, preferably in the spring and fall)
  • Comprehensive report of all findings (for insurance purposes)
  • Roof cleaning and debris removal with option to add-on other services as recommended.

A regular, proactive roof maintenance plan can help you stay ahead of problems and allow us to quickly diagnose and address any existing issues.

Call Today!

At Armor Commercial Roofing, we believe a successful rubber roof repair requires at least 3 things:

  • Competent, effective workmanship
  • High-quality materials and products
  • Superior customer care

No matter how simple or complex your rubber roof repair job may be, you can count on receiving all 3 when you hire Armor. Call us today at (517) 617-6953 and let us impress you with our friendly, skilled, knowledgeable technicians and solutions!