How Weather Impacts Flat Roofs and Flat Roof Repair Tips for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to flat roofs on commercial buildings in Ann Arbor, MI, Armor Commercial Roofing is well aware of the weather-related challenges. The region’s climate can be unpredictable and harsh – hot summers followed by bitter winters can wear down your roofing system over time. By recognizing how distinct climatic conditions influence flat roofs and effectively managing these problems as they arise, you’ll be able to preserve the stability of your business property. For skilled guidance or prompt flat roof repair solutions, contact us directly at (517) 617-6953 today!

How Weather Affects Flat Roofs

  • Continuous rainfall and moisture pose a great threat to flat roofs as they can create water accumulation and seepage. In contrast to sloped roofing, which allows natural drainage of water, flat structures are more prone to retaining standing pools of liquid that eventually cause harm such as weakened materials, mold infestation or even structural deterioration with time.
  • During the winter season, snow and ice build-up can pose significant challenges. The burden of heavy snow piles on top of roofs can strain their structures, whereas ice dams impede drainage systems causing water seepage and leakage problems to occur. Additionally, roofing material undergoes cracking or splitting due to repeated cycles of freezing-thawing conditions that worsen existing issues further.
  • In summer, the combination of scorching sun and extreme heat can trigger roofing materials to undergo expansion or contraction. Such thermal shifts may lead to several types of damage such as cracking, blistering, and general wear and tear. Moreover, constant exposure to UV radiation weakens a roof’s outer layer, gradually diminishing its longevity over time.
  • Strong gusts of wind have the capability to uplift and rip apart roofing materials, primarily near their edges and corners. Consequently, this puts the underlying layers at risk of being affected by environmental factors while also enhancing the chances for significant harm in case immediate action is not taken.

Flat Roof Repair Tips for Repairing Your Roof from Armor Commercial Roofing

If you want to maintain your commercial flat roof in top-notch condition, contemplate the subsequent repair and maintenance hints:

  • To maintain the good condition of your roof, it is recommended to schedule periodic inspections. This is especially important after severe weather conditions as it allows for early detection and resolution of minor issues before they turn into major problems. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we provide inclusive inspection services aimed at keeping your rooftop in excellent shape.
  • To avoid water accumulation, it’s vital to have a functional drainage mechanism for your level roofing. Regularly eliminate any obstructions from the gutters and downspouts preventing smooth flow of water in them.
  • Timely Fixes – Detect any indications of harm, for example breaks, bumps or spills and attend to them without delay. Taking swift action can prevent further degradation and expensive repairs in the future.
  • Employ Quality Materials: Opt for top-notch, weather-resistant materials when conducting repairs or replacements. Utilizing durable materials can markedly improve the endurance and functionality of your roof.

For all your flat roofing needs in Ann Arbor, MI, seek the services of experienced professionals for regular maintenance and repairs. Armor Commercial Roofing boasts the expertise required to deliver exceptional results.

The longevity and condition of flat roofs on commercial buildings can be substantially affected by weather. To safeguard your investment, it’s essential to comprehend these impacts and proactively maintain and repair the roofing system. Armor Commercial Roofing is dedicated to delivering high-quality flat roof repair solutions that meet the distinct demands of Ann Arbor, MI’s commercial properties. If you want further information or wish to arrange a consultation, please contact us at (517) 617-6953 so we assist in maintaining your roof in top shape for any inclement weather conditions.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Muskegon, MI

Commercial Roofing Contractor1

Your commercial roof has a lifespan of multiple decades. However, it is susceptible to damage from various weather hazards and other sources over time. If you want to address your roof damages effectively, you must have a reputable commercial roofing contractor available for you at all times. Armor Commercial Roofing is your number-one choice if your commercial or industrial building is based in Muskegon, MI. Our craftsmen have been helping Michigan business owners with their roofing systems for a long time; they will also be willing to serve you. Feel free to contact them at 517-617-6953 for more details!

Factors to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roofing Contractor

You need to choose the right commercial roofing contractor for your roof to maintain its optimal state. Here is what you should look for in your ideal commercial roofing contractor:

  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the desired contractor is appropriately licensed and insured. This will protect you from liability if any accidents or damages occur during the project.
  • Experience: Look for a contractor with a proven track record in commercial roofing. They should be knowledgeable about various roofing systems and have expertise in the one you choose.
  • Reputation: Research the contractor’s reputation online by reading reviews. A reputable contractor should have a positive track record.
  • Warranty and Guarantee: Ask about the contractor’s guarantees and warranties. A reputable contractor will provide warranties on the materials and workmanship to build trust in their work.
  • Safety Practices: Safety is paramount in roofing projects. Verify that the contractor adheres to proper safety measures to protect their employees and the building during the installation or repair process.
  • Timelines: Discuss the project timeline and expectations with the contractor. Ensure they can complete the work within a reasonable timeframe and that the schedule aligns with your needs.
  • Payment Terms: Avoid contractors who demand large upfront payments. A fair payment schedule should be based on project milestones.

Armor Commercial Roofing considers all the aforementioned factors and provides you with the type of service you can rely on.

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If you are looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Muskegon, MI, to handle your commercial roof, Armor Commercial Roofing is your best bet. Our team comprises honest and dependable roofers who understand exactly what your roof requires to maintain optimal condition. For more information, reach out to us at 517-617-6953!

How Commercial Roofing Companies Help with Compliance and Regulations so Your Business Thrives

Commercial roofing can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to complying with local, state, and federal regulations. Finding the right company for your roofing needs from the plethora of commercial roofing companies that exist in Ann Arbor, MI is also not a mean feat. At Armor Commercial Roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, we appreciate the significance of adhering to these guidelines for the protection and prosperity of your company. Our focus is on assisting companies with navigating through complicated regulatory issues related to commercial roofs so that they may prosper without worrying about legal roadblocks. Call us at (517) 617-6953 now for additional information about our full range of offerings.

Understanding Compliance and Regulations

To guarantee the safety, longevity and energy efficiency of commercial roofing projects, adherence to a plethora of codes and regulations is imperative. These rules encompass building guidelines, fire protection measures, energy-saving criteria, among others. Failure to comply with these standards can lead to expensive penalties as well as legal troubles which may result in unwanted risks related to security concerns. It’s crucial then that you seek out Armor Commercial Roofing – an expert team who has extensive familiarity with such regulations, ensuring your project ticks all necessary boxes on this front.

Staying Updated with Changing Regulations

Businesses face a major hurdle in adapting to the ever-evolving building regulations. What used to conform with standards several years ago may no longer be sufficient under present rules. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we remain vigilant and stay informed about any updates that can affect your roof’s compliance status.

Tailored Compliance Solutions

Armor Commercial Roofing recognizes that each commercial building has its own distinct compliance demands. That’s why we provide customized solutions to match the precise needs of your establishment. If you require a new roofing system, want to replace an existing one or need repair work done, our team evaluates what your building requires and customizes a plan tailored accordingly – ensuring complete adherence to pertinent regulations. This meticulous approach mitigates unexpected setbacks during inspections while keeping projects on schedule as planned.

Expert Guidance Through the Compliance Process

Navigating the compliance process can be daunting, which is why at Armor Commercial Roofing we offer comprehensive assistance every step of the way. Our team of experts will evaluate and strategize your project before conducting final assessments – managing all documentation, permits, and inspections to ensure a smooth construction start. This approach allows you to focus on running operations while leaving roofing concerns in our capable hands.


Armor Commercial Roofing is among the best commercial roofing companies in the area. Our goal is to facilitate the prosperity of businesses in Ann Arbor, MI by furnishing them with proficient counsel and solutions for compliance. Reach out to us at (517) 617-6953 if you require assistance on your commercial roofing project so that we can help ease the intricacies surrounding regulatory requirements – empowering business success every step along its path!

Quick Response to Hail Damage: Steps to Protect Your Commercial Hail Damaged Roof

In the event of a hailstorm in Fremont, MI, commercial roofs may suffer significant damage that can compromise both their structural integrity and the activities conducted inside. To minimize further harm and avoid costly repairs, Armor Commercial Roofing offers prompt response assistance and professional guidance for hail damaged roofs. For urgent requirements or an extensive roof assessment, please reach out to us at 517-617-6953.

Immediate Assessment Post-Storm

After a hailstorm, the initial action to take is an immediate evaluation of any possible damage. It’s imperative to visually inspect your roof for evidence of hail impact, such as marks on roofing materials or disruptions in gutter systems and substrates that may have been exposed. Prompt assessment aids in recording the scope of destruction for insurance purposes and streamlines expedited repairs.

Document Everything

Thoroughly documenting all damages is crucial for insurance purposes. Ensure to take clear photos from multiple angles and note the size of hail if feasible, since it can impact claim outcomes. The comprehensive documentation will simplify the insurance process and guarantee that you get adequate coverage for repairs.

Temporary Protection

It is crucial to take immediate action with temporary protective measures if the roof damage jeopardizes its structure. To avoid additional interior and structural destruction, covering impacted regions using tarps or applying provisional patches can provide sufficient protection from water infiltration that could cause greater risks such as mold growth or weakening of the building’s foundation.

Professional Roof Inspection

To ensure a comprehensive inspection of hail damage, it is recommended to hire reputable roofing contractors such as Armor Commercial Roofing. Our team of specialists can conduct an in-depth assessment that covers even the subtlest traces of destruction that may go unnoticed by inexperienced individuals. By opting for professional servicing, you guarantee meticulous attention to all areas affected and attend accordingly.

Repair vs. Replacement

After inspecting, determine if repairs are adequate or a complete roof replacement is required. In cases of extensive damage, replacing the entire roof could prove more economical over time. Armor Commercial Roofing offers both repair services and full replacements utilizing robust materials crafted to endure future instances of hail.

Measures for Prevention

Finally, ponder about preventive measures to protect your roof from potential hailstorms. You have the choice of fitting in roofing materials that are resistant to hail and arranging routine maintenance inspections so that your roof is always in optimal condition.

We comprehend the importance of swift and cautious attention to hail damage at Armor Commercial Roofing in Fremont, MI. Our staff is prepared to offer quick and dependable resolutions for safeguarding your business by bringing your hail damaged roof back to life. To obtain immediate help or gain more insight about our solutions for hail damage, please reach us today at 517-617-6953.

Reasons to Choose a Roof Coating

Roof Coating1

The lifespan of your commercial or industrial roof can vary, depending on how well it has been maintained. When it comes to roof maintenance, a roof coating is one of the best ways you can protect your roof and enable it to last for many more years. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Battle Creek, MI, and you are looking for a long-lasting and dependable roof coating, you have no better choice than the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. Our specialists have been working in the industry for many years. During this time, we have encountered a wide range of problems and applied the necessary solutions. You can trust us! We know what it takes to keep your roof in optimal condition. To get started, call us today at 517-617-6953!

Individualized Roof Coating Services

Roof Coating

For any roofing service to be successful, it must be personalized to meet your specific needs. Therefore, all of our roofing services, including our roof coatings, are tailored to the needs of our customers. Whenever you call us, we we will begin by inspecting your commercial roof in detail. Based on the results of this inspection and our vast knowledge of the industry, we will then determine the best course of action. If the recommended service turns out to be a roof coating, you can rest easy, knowing that we will carry it out flawlessly and efficiently. We will take into account your specific situation to give you results that last for years to come.

Premium Roofing Materials

At our company, we believe in using only premium roofing materials. This is because we aim to build long-term relationships with each one of our clients. This is only possible when we provide them with results they can depend on for many years to come. Therefore, our team partners with only the most renowned roofing manufacturers in the region. Come see for yourself why so many building owners in the area continue to choose us!

Reach Out Today

Are you looking for roof coating experts for your commercial building in Battle Creek, MI? If so, there is no better option for you than the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing. Our proficient technicians have the expertise to handle your roof coating project. We would be honored to serve you! Call us today at 517-617-6953 for more information.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services1

It is imperative for business owners to select the appropriate commercial roofing services in order to adequately safeguard their investment. At Armor Commercial Roofing located in Fremont, MI, we understand that choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor can be intricate. As such, this manual aims to assist you through the process by enabling you to find an adept and professional provider who will satisfy your requirements effortlessly. To learn more about how our top-quality roofing services help protect commercial investments effectively reach out at 517-617-6953 today!

Identify Your Roofing Needs

It’s crucial to know the specific requirements of your commercial property prior to contacting roofing services. A complete roof replacement, minor repairs, or preventive maintenance may be needed- clarifying these needs allows for effective communication with potential contractors and enables you to receive customized assistance.

Research and Referrals

To begin, conduct research on nearby roofing firms and examine their reviews and testimonials. A reliable establishment ought to possess a history of content clients as well as an assortment of past undertakings. Recommendations received from additional entrepreneurs or trusted industry associates may also furnish significant proof concerning the dependability and caliber of services rendered.

Check Credentials and Experience

Commercial Roofing Services

When choosing a commercial roofing service, it’s imperative to verify their qualifications. Armor Commercial Roofing, in particular, is completely accredited and covered by insurance, giving you assurance against any unanticipated complications. Furthermore, expertise within the industry signifies a provider’s aptitude to manage various roofing difficulties adeptly. Opt for an organization that has substantial experience managing commercial properties as they will have comprehensive knowledge of complexities related to commercial roofs.

Understand the Offered Commercial Roofing Services

To determine if a roofing company is suitable for your business, it’s important to know the range of services they offer. A reliable and trustworthy roofing company should provide installation, repair, and maintenance services that meet all your needs. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we conduct thorough consultations with our clients in which we discuss our extensive list of offerings such as waterproofing solutions and insulation options along with immediate assistance during emergencies.

Evaluate Communication and Customer Service

The significance of communication and customer service cannot be overstated. Your roofing contractor must possess a friendly disposition, eager to address your inquiries sufficiently while presenting well-defined quotes and contracts that are transparent regarding any additional costs or obscure clauses.

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart at Armor Commercial Roofing. Based in Fremont, MI, we are committed to assisting business owners with their roofing needs by providing informed decision-making support and industry leading commercial roofing services. If you’re looking for top-tier roofing solutions that will safeguard your commercial investment, get in touch today at 517-617-6953.

Roof Coatings 101: What Every Smart Commercial Property Owner Should Know in This Day and Age

Roof Coatings1

Staying up to date on roof preservation techniques is vital in the ever-changing realm of commercial property maintenance. That’s where Armor Commercial Roofing comes in. Based in Fremont, MI, our goal is to enlighten owners about the crucial role that roof coatings play when it comes to improving the longevity and functionality of commercial roofs. If you’re considering roof coatings for your property, contact us at 517-617-6953.

What do Roof Coatings Refer to?

Liquid-applied membranes, known as roof coatings, are directly rolled, or sprayed onto your current rooftop. These applications aim to safeguard and prolong the existence of roofing systems in varying environmental conditions. Typically composed of acrylics, silicone, or polyurethanes materials, coatings might differ depending on individual necessities with each offering unique advantages.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings for Prolonged Roof Lifespan: By providing extra protection against harmful elements such as sunlight, precipitation, gusts of wind and chemicals, roof coatings effectively increase the durability of a roofing system.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A variety of roof coatings possess high reflectivity, aiding in the reduction of cooling expenses by redirecting UV rays away from structures instead of absorbing them. This can translate into significant reductions on energy bills, particularly in hotter regions.

Efficient Maintenance: Opting for a roof coating is an economical and less intrusive alternative to getting a new rooftop. It’s an ideal solution for fixing leaks, rust problems, and minor damages without incurring massive costs or enduring major upheavals caused by installing another roofing system.

Seamless Waterproofing: Waterproofing can be seamlessly done using coatings which effectively seal cracks, seams, and penetrations in the roof. This provides greater resistance to water penetration thereby preventing unwanted leaks and potential damage from water infiltration.

Selecting the Appropriate Coating

The appropriate choice for roof coating is contingent upon the type of your current roofing material and prevailing weather conditions. Our accomplished team at Armor Commercial Roofing will assess your rooftop arrangement to provide valuable recommendations on which type would best suit it. Whether you require silicone-based coatings that offer exceptional water resistance or acrylics known for their cost-saving and longevity properties, every option has distinct benefits.

Maintenance and Application

To fully reap the advantages of roof coatings, it is imperative to apply them correctly. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we guarantee thorough surface preparation and precise application techniques for optimal outcomes. Consistent upkeep inspections are equally important in preserving the longevity of your coating’s quality over time.

For those in Fremont, MI thinking about roof coatings, reach out to Armor Commercial Roofing at 517-617-6953. Our experts are prepared to offer superior service and guidance so your investment today will result in prolonged durability and efficiency for the future. Keep in mind that safeguarding your commercial roofs is a vital aspect of intelligent property management.

The Importance of Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection1

It is crucial for business and property owners to understand that maintaining a functional roof requires regular inspections throughout the year. These inspections allow the concerned roofers to promptly identify and address any issues with your commercial roof before they get out of hand. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Muskegon, MI, Armor Commercial Roofing is the leading choice for a top-quality roof inspection service. Having years of experience in the construction industry, our roofers can perform various commercial roofing services, including a roof inspection. Feel free to contact them anytime at 517-617-6953; they will assist you with 100% dedication and commitment!

What is the Process of Roof Inspection?

Roof Inspection

A comprehensive roof inspection is vital to ensure the structural integrity of your commercial roof. Our roof inspection process consists of the following steps:

  • Safety Measures and Weather Assessment: We begin by implementing the essential safety measures and carefully evaluating the prevailing weather conditions. If the weather is adverse, we may need to postpone the roof inspection.
  • Visual Inspection: We conduct a visual inspection of your roof from a distance. This involves searching for any apparent signs of damage or irregularities on the surface.
  • Gutter Examination: We examine the gutters of your building to identify any obstructions or blockages. Meanwhile, we ensure these gutters are securely attached and adequately sloped to facilitate effective drainage.
  • Roofing Material’s Inspection: Your existing roofing material is inspected for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, punctures, or tears.
  • Inspection of Flashings, Pipes, and Vents: We inspect the condition of flashings, pipes, and vents – assessing their overall state and ensuring they are functional.
  • Comprehensive Roof Inspection: Finally, we perform a thorough inspection of your commercial roof. This includes searching for any signs of decay, sagging, or structural deterioration.

We will meticulously document the entire roof inspection process and provide you with a comprehensive, no-cost estimate. This estimate includes the recommended repairs and any additional maintenance services considered necessary.

Call Us Now!

Are you looking for trustworthy technicians to perform a roof inspection on your business premises in Muskegon, MI? Well, you have come to just the right place. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we are home to esteemed and experienced roofers. They have conducted various roofing services in the past, including roof inspections. Call us now at 517-617-6953 to get started!

Storm Damage and Bracing for the Storm: Proactive Measures for Commercial Roof Protection

Storm Damage1

Armor Commercial Roofing, located in the lively Fremont area of Michigan, is your top ally in safeguarding commercial structures from extreme weather conditions. Our proactive methodology enables us to specialize in providing protective measures that ensure longevity and soundness against storm damage for your roofing system. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we prioritize being ready for any storm by offering extensive consultations and services aimed at keeping you well-protected during even the harshest weather events. Contact us today at 517-617-6953 to discover how our solutions can benefit you!

Weather Challenges and Roofing Solutions

In Fremont, where storms can strike with little warning, understanding local weather patterns is essential for safeguarding your commercial roof. From blustering winds to heavy snowfall, each element poses unique risks that require tailored strategies to mitigate potential damage effectively.

Routine Roofing Check-ups

Storm Damage

Conducting consistent inspections is a cornerstone of effective roof management. These detailed assessments help pinpoint areas of concern like cracks, erosion, or loosened materials that could lead to significant damage during a storm. By addressing these issues promptly through regular maintenance, Armor Commercial Roofing ensures that small imperfections don’t turn into major problems.

Choosing the Right Materials

Selecting robust roofing materials is key to enhancing the durability of your roof against extreme weather. We at Armor Commercial Roofing recommend and install top-grade materials such as EPDM and TPO membranes, renowned for their resistance to tearing and extreme temperatures. For areas prone to heavy snow, metal roofing might be the ideal choice due to its durability and ability to shed snow quickly.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

Incorporating advanced technological tools like infrared scanners can revolutionize how you manage roof maintenance. These tools help detect hidden moisture and weak spots, allowing for targeted and efficient repairs. This technology ensures that your roof is not just repaired but is optimized to handle future weather challenges.

At Armor Commercial Roofing in Fremont, MI, we’re dedicated to providing superior roofing services that prepare your commercial property for any storm damage. By adopting proactive repair and maintenance strategies, we help ensure that your roof is a reliable shield against the weather, minimizing damage and repair costs. Call us at 517-617-6953 to fortify your commercial roof, and rest assured that your business is prepared to weather any storm.

Commercial Roofing 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Rubber Roof Repairs

Rubber Roof Repairs1

Armor Commercial Roofing is a renowned provider of commercial roofing services situated in the bustling city center of Fremont, MI. For superior rubber roof repairs, simply dial their direct line at 517-617-6953 without any hesitation. While numerous enterprises prefer using resilient and cost-effective rubber roofs, they necessitate regular maintenance to sustain optimal functionality for an extended period. Therefore, we will delve into some critical tips that guarantee proper upkeep and repair techniques for your valuable rubber roof system – safeguarding it against potential leakages or other damaging elements!

Do’s of Rubber Roof Repairs:

Giving priority to regular inspections is crucial. The significance of conducting routine checks cannot be emphasized enough as they play a critical role in identifying initial signs of damage such as cracks, bubbling or separation at the seams. Early identification simplifies repair work and makes it more cost-effective too.

Proper drainage is a must because rubber roofs are vulnerable to water pooling. To avoid the risk of leaks and structural damage, it is crucial to ensure that your roof has sufficient drainage systems in place.

Make sure to use compatible materials. To ensure successful repair of your rubber roof, it is essential that you use materials that are compatible with EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing. Using incompatible material can result in additional damage and require even more extensive repairs in the future.

Don’ts of Rubber Roof Repairs:

Rubber Roof Repairs

Don’t ignore small issues. Neglecting even the slightest of problems can lead to significant issues that may snowball into major concerns. A tiny leak or puncture has the potential to expand and result in substantial harm to foundational components.

Repairing rubber roofing may appear simple, but it is not advisable to attempt the task without relevant experience. If done incorrectly, improper approaches could lead to more damage than improvement. The best solution would be relying on seasoned experts such as Armor Commercial Roofing for appropriate repairs and assurance of a job well-done.

Make sure to verify warranty coverage. Prior to beginning any repairs, ensure that your roofing warranty covers them. This may assist you in saving time and money by covering certain maintenance expenses. Furthermore, unauthorized restorations could nullify the warranty; hence it is crucial to seek guidance from specialists.

At Armor Commercial Roofing, located in Fremont, MI, we possess comprehensive knowledge of rubber roofing systems. Our proficient team is furnished with the necessary expertise and tools required for attending to any repair requirements that may arise to keep your commercial roof maintained immaculately. Adopting proactive and preventive measures plays an important role in prolonging your rubber roof’s lifespan; hence we offer immediate repairs or routine maintenance services as per need. You can reach out to us at 517-617-6953 so you can ensure a sturdy leak-free commercial roofing durability over time.