Flat Roof Repair – Benton Harbor MI


Flat roofs are pretty common in Benton Harbor, Michigan, so is the need for reliable flat roof repair services. However, what is even more common with flat roofs is the number of repairs one has to make in order to keep them functioning. Due to the harsh weather that the region faces, roofs have to be extra sturdy.

If you are looking for a long-term roofing contractor with excellent flat roof repair services, call Armor Commercial Roofing. Our number is 517-617-6953.

What to look out for?

There are often signs that show if your roof is severely damaged or not. If you have observed any of these signs on your roof, you must call us immediately!

The list of signs of roof damage is as follows:

  1. Water leakage/seepage spots on the ceiling,
  2. Water ponding, either on the roof surface or in the membrane,
  3. Rips in the top layer,
  4. Tears and other punctures in the top layer,
  5. Debris and other visible storm damage,
  6. Rusting on metal roofs.

The signs of roof damage are not exhaustive in this list. Therefore, if you see anything wrong with your roof, call us immediately.


Emergency Repairs

You can also call us if you have sustained damage in a storm and need an emergency repair. Our procedure for emergencies is different as we have to work with the ever-changing weather situation. If a team is nearby, then they will answer the distress emergency call and reach the site. There, they will make quick repairs that will take the roof through the night. The team will revisit when everything has calmed down to make important permanent repairs.

The Armor Commitment

Our motto at Armor Commercial Roofing is to not just roof it, but Armor it! Therefore, we aim to deliver on all our claims and to make your repairs as long-lasting as possible. We have devised an amazing service in the form of our flat roof repairs, and encourage you to take advantage of our expertise. You will be surprised at the results our roofers can provide! We have salvaged the unsalvageable!

Reach out!

So, if you live in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and are looking for a flat roof repair, then call us at 517-617-6953. Armor Commercial Roofing aims to deliver on its motto: don’t just roof it, Armor It!