Flat Roof Repair Hillsdale, MI

Flat Roof Repair1

Are you beginning to notice leaks in your roof as soon as heavy rain rolls by? Possibly you are also beginning to see ponding water on your roof a few days after it rained. If so, you should call the flat roof repair experts at Armor Commercial Roofing. You can reach us at 517-617-6953. We offer free estimates, so feel free to ask for one as soon as you start to see worrying signs. Our crew of skilled roofing technicians will inspect your flat roof and they will find out what the best flat roof repair option is for your roof.

Why You Should Repair Quickly

If you have seen a few discolored spots on your roof, or any other troubling signs including pooling water, cracking in the membrane, or ponding water, it is a wise idea to contact a commercial roofing company like Armor Commercial Roofing as soon as possible. You may be thinking a tiny little leak isn’t going to do much damage, but that is wrong. Any part of your roof that will allow water to move through could cause lots of damage to the structural integrity of your building, even if it isn’t visible to the naked eye. When leaks are given the chance to evolve a long repair process or a replacement could be needed. Therefore, we urge all business owners and property managers in Hillsdale, MI to contact us as soon as they can.

Ordinary Problems With Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Repair

If you are questioning whether you should have a professional take a look at your roof, we have a list of a few things you should keep an eye on. That list includes:

  • Ponding water: Water that has stayed on your roof for up to 48 hours after rain has passed
  • Pooling water: Water that is being trapped under your roofs membrane
  • Roofing membrane is lifted at the seams
  • Cracking, blistering, punctures
  • Leaking that will not go away
  • Loose Flashing

If you are seeing any of these things above, you should consider calling our crew. You can reach them by calling 517-617-6953.