Flat Roof Repair – Holland, MI

Many types of structures, both residential and commercial, can benefit from flat roofing and flat roof repair. This is mostly because flat roofs are less expensive than the other kinds of roofs. A regular roof inspection is critical to spotting any indications that a repair or replacement is necessary for your roof. If you notice any of the following, you’ll likely need to have your roof fixed at the earliest to ensure that your roofing problems do not worsen. If you are a resident of Holland, MI, and need more information, then contact Armor Commercial Roofing at 517-617-6953 and we will take care of all your roofing issues as soon as possible. 

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Reasons why your flat roof may need repair:

 When it comes to flat roofs, leaks are far and away from the most prevalent problem. You should be able to see if your flat roof is leaking by looking into the rooms below. You may have a flat roof leak if you find water accumulating on the surface of your roof (known as “ponding”), which could be caused by a roof gradient or drainage issue. Ponding can cause a variety of roof-related issues. By identifying the source of the leak, we can avoid it recurring in the future and prevent more damage.


For commercial properties with a flat roof or a flat roof deck, there may be a lot of foot traffic, such as maintenance workers or guests, walking over the roof frequently. If you go out on the roof frequently, walk over fasteners, or drop tools on the roof, the membrane can be punctured or damaged, necessitating the services of a professional. 

Flat Roof Repair

A flat roof with a lot of foot traffic necessitates more frequent inspections for indicators of deterioration, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. When rubber shrinks, it can cause parapet walls, drip edges, and even chimneys to come loose. As soon as you see any evidence of shrinking on your roof, you should have it inspected and fixed immediately to prevent further damage. 


There can be many reasons which necessitate roof repairs and the sooner they are dealt with, the better! If you are a resident of Holland, MI, and need more information, then contact Armor Commercial Roofing at 517-617-6953.