Flat Roof Replacement Elkhart IN

Every roof gives in to the physical pressures exerted on it over time. Therefore, for those cases, Armor Commercial Roofing offers its flat roof replacement service. This service has been designed for businesses that are looking at multiple roofing systems and want the best advice regarding a replacement.

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Replacement or Restoration?

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At the start of our replacement process (or any other service), our team carries out a free roof inspection service. This service helps in identifying any glaring problems in the roofs. The free inspection makes it easier to decide the right approach for your roof. You will have all the major details from the inspection so that you can choose the type of service you want. You will also have the honest opinion of our roofers as they always want what’s best for our clients.

Inspections are important as they determine whether your old roof can be restored. While restoration saves you money, replacement becomes important and many times the only option when the roof’s condition goes beyond repair.

The Replacement Process

Flat Roof Replacement

After your team and our team have reached a consensus on the inspection and consultation procedures, we move on to the actual replacement of your flat roof. Our team works diligently to replace your roofing system in a timely and efficient fashion. We also consider the safety of your staff as well as ours. Therefore, it still takes the required time to effectively complete full replacement.

After the replacement is complete, our team conducts another inspection. This is to ensure that all of our replacement techniques have been performed perfectly and ensure products are working properly.

We deal in a variety of roofing systems. You can call us if you want to replace your current roof with single-ply roofing systems (PVC, TPO, EPDM), metal roofs, modified bitumen, and other systems available in the market.

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