Our Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services1

Michigan isn’t known for having a shortage of commercial roofing companies! This makes it harder for people to decide which company to work with. Finding the best one for your business can be a challenge. The easiest thing to do is call Armor Commercial Roofing at 517-617-6953. We offer a full range of dependable, commercial roofing services to the business in the Coldwater, MI region.

If you are more of a research person, we have some suggestions for your consideration.

Finding the Right Company

First off there is a difference between a commercial contractor and a residential contractor. There are a few companies around that do both. Finding the best combination of services offered, customer service, and experience is what you need to do with either commercial or residential contractors.

On the commercial side you also want to look at what guarantees and warranties they offer for their work.

Commercial Roofing Services

You also need to confirm they are licensed and bonded and find out what have other clients said about the work they have done.

If you know other business owners, then we recommend talking to them. Gathering information on a company before committing to a contract with them will save a lot of time and money. Once you have narrowed your list down to your top three, call all of them and talk to them. Have questions ready about your specific project, this will give you an insight into their knowledge of that service. Have them do an inspection of your roof and get an estimate.

Our Services

We specialize in commercial roofing. We offer six types of commercial roofing services. Commercial roof repair is one of them. We also offer restorations, which restores your commercial roof to its best. We have a maintenance program so that you have a set way to have your commercial roof upkeep in order. We offer spray foam roofing; this has several benefits to it. There is our roof inspection we utilize this with any work we do. Before we do any project, it gets inspected thoroughly. The last service we offer is roof replacement, this is used when a repair or restoration will not be able to correct the problem with your roof.

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If you are looking for dependable, high-quality commercial roofing services in the Coldwater, MI region, then call Armor Commercial Roofing at 517-617-6953.