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Single-Ply Roofing1

With years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, the team members at Armor Commercial Roofing are single-ply roofing experts. We do repairs, replacements, and more for EPDM, PVC, and other types of single-ply roofing systems. For a free project estimate, the people of Battle Creek, MI can reach us today at (517) 617-6953.


This type of single-ply roofing is commonly referred to as rubber roofing. An EPDM membrane is durable and is able to cover large surface areas with a minimal amount of seams. This limits the possibility of leaks. EPDM roofing is inexpensive and can last over four decades with the right amount of inspections and maintenance.


Single-Ply Roofing

If your roof is going to be exposed to chemicals, a PVC roof might be the obvious choice. PVC roofing is highly chemical-resistant. Moreover, this type of single-ply roofing helps to improve the energy-efficiency of a commercial building.


Although TPO roofing may not offer the same level of chemical resistance as PVC roofing, it’s better when it comes to improving a building’s energy-efficiency. A TPO roof can seriously lower energy costs. Plus, this kind of single-ply roofing is puncture and leak resistant.

Roof Restoration

Many single-ply roofing systems would do well with a roof coating. By restoring your single-ply roofing system, you can have it lasting 10+ years extra. These extra years of watertight protection are extremely valuable.

If you already have a single-ply roofing system, the Armor Commercial Roofing team will come check it out for free. We’ll let you know if your roof needs any work, whether it be some maintenance, a roof coating, or even a roof replacement. We’re a full-service roofing company with a team of well-trained roofers who are ready to take on any sort of roofing project you can throw at us!

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Armor Commercial Roofing is ready to set you up with a roof that you can trust to hold up for the long run. We work with all types of single-ply roofing systems. When you need some roofing assistance in Battle Creek, MI, give us a call at (517) 617-6953.