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A roof coating is a protective layer applied on the surface of a roof to boost its durability, longevity, and overall performance. It is a way of restoring a roofing system to expand its lifespan while offering additional benefits. As a property owner, ensuring the protection of your commercial building and the business it houses is a matter of maximizing your ROI. If you are based in Grand Haven, MI, or the vicinity, then there is no better option for you than Armor Commercial Roofing. Our roofing specialists have been working day and night in the roofing industry of Michigan for a long time now, so they know precisely how to serve you right. Reach out to us any time at 517-617-6953 to get more details!

How Roof Coating is Carried Out?

Roof Coating

Installing a roof coating involves several crucial steps to ensure preparation and application in the right manner, leading to a long-lasting barrier for your roof. As soon as we arrive at your business premises, we start off by conducting a detailed inspection of the roof to root out any damage, leaks, or areas that need to be repaired. This is followed by the cleaning of the roof surface via the removal of dirt, dust, and loose materials using pressure washing or other suitable cleaning methods. We will then repair any existing cracks, separated seams, or any other issue in the roof to provide a leveled surface for the installation of roof coating.

Roof coatings are either sprayed or rolled onto your existing roof system. The liquid seeps into every crevice, crack, or deficiency, sealing it tight. As the coating dries, it forms a seamless layer of waterproof protection across the entire roofing structure.

When it dries, we will thoroughly inspect the coated roof to ensure a consistent and even coating with no irregularities or missed spots. Last but not least, before we leave your business premises, we will clean the dust, remove any debris, and make sure to leave a tidy site.

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If you are looking for skilled roofers for an in-depth roof coating of your business premises in Grand Haven, MI, Armor Commercial Roofing is your premier choice. Our craftsmen have substantial experience spanning decades in the roofing industry, and they can tackle the issues of your commercial roof, such as roof coating. Call us now at 517-617-6953 for more details!