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At Armor Commercial Roofing, we can’t say enough good things about roof restorations, better known as roof coatings. They have been in the industry for many decades and continue to gain popularity due to their long list of benefits that help with keeping your building protected with certainty. Roof coatings are an amazing choice for any commercial or industrial building throughout the country, and here in Three Rivers, MI, we have seen roof coatings protect roofs for many years. For a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement, you can be confident that a coating will protect as well as a replacement. With high quality commercial roofing products you can trust to last, you can evade premature roof replacements as well as the large amount of money involved with them. Learn more about your restoration and roof coating options today by calling us at (517)-617-6953.

Is Your Roof Ready?

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Winter is coming and that means that the worst months for your roof are getting closer. Right now is a great time to make sure your roof can hold all the snow. When you call the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing for a roof evaluation, our crew will make sure to get your roof any services or repairs that are needed so it can deal with all the snow. Our roof coatings are an amazing option for your roof any time of the year, but it is especially smart to have a roof coating applied to your roof before the winter so that you can be sure that your roof is going last throughout the harsh winter weather. Our roof coatings are flexible and durable which will help your roof have a longer life with no tears and cracks. They can also help lower your utility costs because our roof coatings are very energy efficient and reflective. You can get all the detail by simply calling our office.

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Give your building trustworthy protection that you can count on. You can call the crew at Armor Commercial Roofing at (517)-617-6953 and you can get details on how our crew can help you out.