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If you own or manage a commercial building in Sturgis, MI then you likely know the importance of keeping your commercial roof on the right track to ensure your building can always be protected. One of the most common commercial roofing solutions we provide to our customers is a highly beneficial roof coating. These help to keep your roof in like new condition for years so that you can continue to be confident in the protection of your building. Roof coatings can be applied to most commercial roofing systems and their seamless application will leave your roof performing like new with a fresh waterproof barrier that reinforces your roof. When you’d like to learn more or schedule an inspection with our expert roofers to make sure your roof is a viable option for an application, call the team at Armor Commercial Roofing today at (517) 617 – 6953.

Lasting Benefits

Roof Coating

The list of benefits that our roof coatings provide is truly unbelievable. When we tell our customers that we have an affordable solution that can have their roof performing like new with a few flawless applications, they have a hard time believing such great news. We’ve seen our roof coatings refresh and save commercial roofs and put off roof replacements for years. If you could get years extra out of the life of your current roof, wouldn’t you want to know more about this great solution too?

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Don’t let the current condition of your commercial roof overwhelm you. At Armor Commercial Roofing, we have seen some pretty rough commercial roofs be refreshed with our highly affordable and restorative roof coatings. If your roof is in overall good condition and just needs help so that it can continue to protect your roof like it did when it was newly installed, chances are it is a great candidate for a roof coating. While we do work to restore our customers’ roofs whenever possible, we will never recommend you invest in a failing roof that isn’t worth it, if your commercial roof has truly seen the end, then we will make sure you know all your options and we will work with you get your new roof installed quickly. Work with the company your neighbors in Sturgis, MI rely on, reach out to us today at (517) 617 – 6953.